Magos Atmosfera Movementliberation
Dare a freer movement

        movementliberation        -         in various appearances (objects, images, actions, words)      -      created/initiated by Gabriel Magos 

Movementliberation is about finding individual ways of exploring the space "we are carrying" - the space that includes our body and its surroundings.

Declaring now "movementliberation" as an artistic research stands in a long line of attempts both scientific and artistic. Interestingly impulses often came from persons starting from art and moving towards science (R.Steiner, F.M. Alexander, Stanislawski, J. Grotowski, A. Boal) or starting from science and moving towards art (M.Feldenkrais, H.Kükelhaus, B.Fuller). 

I find attempts of  movementliberation also in Performance Art (, Situationism, Dada, Butoh and the objects of Franz West.

In my work as a theatre pedagogue ( I use a set of movements/gestures/words I call "Basistraining". With Corinne Tache we have developed a system we call Situatives Arbeiten. I perceive the act of painting as a kind of dance. And my performance with Mansgoegle follows seven basic steps. 

This all happens in space. Movement is how we relate to space. Thru movement we gather the information to constitute our perception of space. You can see that in the face of the cat ( see "News").